Listening to Work's Future

Technology as a Liberating Force

I am so proud of the wild event that we did on The Future of Work! I hope you’ll listen to the first session — even sample a couple of minutes. 

For me, I like to have my mind stretched, even if I don’t fully understand. And this session really does that.  In our world of work, Zooming away (which, personally, I love), we’ve been thrown into the future — a dematerialized reality. 

What I learned through this multi-directional conversation is that, Zoom aside, there are new decentralized structures — thanks to the cloud (where these floating structures live) that anyone can access.  They may create something new, almost like co-ops beyond time or geography.  They may create boss-less employment.    

In particular, as pointed out by Fab 5 Freddy, it provides a real opening for equity, for equal access by all races and genders to financial structures currently controlled by elites.

It’s heady; it’s a lot to bite off.  And chaotic, just like the future!

Carey Lovelace, Founder, Visions2030

But if you want a mere 2-minute teaser, be amazed by Bronx hip-hop pioneer (and now NFT enthusiast) Fab 5 Freddy!


…to experience all three sessions of The Future of Work, visit our newly launched CHANNEL2030.
And you can learn more about what we talked about, too, in an upcoming article (by Samantha Jacobson) on BuzzFeed will be covering this wide-ranging program!