Visions2030: A New Trajectory

We have a new name!

Back in 2018, when the moniker “2020Visions” came to mind (as a kind of inspired, well…vision), it was a date in a hazy future.  An election year, it would also be the centennial of women’s suffrage.  Beautiful in its numerical symmetry, it was to launch a decade.

Who knew what that fateful 2020 was to become?!                                            

Do I even need to retrace it? Political tumult, Covid, the shutdown of cities, the dramatic exposure of long-festering racial wounds — ending with attacks on our democracy itself.  Now, that tumultuous year is over! However, 2020Visions, with its message of living in the solution and asking, not what is wrong, but what is possible, turned out to offer a doorway and escape hatch (at least for me) from the vortex of negativity, fear, and reactive thinking. What you hold in your consciousness, you attract. We gathered to re-imagine the New City and empowered artists to create a wild-and-crazy idea addressing a social challenge.  

However, exerting the muscle of asking “what do we want?” is not always the first impulse, I found personally: it demands constant remembering. Our humble initiative, developed together, constantly provided lessons about the power of “dreaming forward.”  

Now, 2020 is in the rearview mirror;  we ascend toward the future, with fresh adventures and novel challenges.  Part of the mission of our collective is to constantly evolve.  So we hereby rename ourselves—Visions2030—and recalibrate our path toward undreamed horizons.  

The beautiful garden of directions and initiatives to which we, together, have given form we will tend — while continuing to germinate new consciousness-opening events. The concept of envisioning remains vital. “I have a dream,” said Martin Luther King, Jr. That remains our watchword.

The term “20/20 vision” is defined as “clarity or sharpness of sight.”   “What do you want the future to look like?” was one of our early prompts.   And…we are still and always looking!

Come with us upward for the ride!   

--- Carey Lovelace, Founder

Visions2030 is an ever-changing organism, a collection of dreamers. Click on this link and hear our team share their thoughts, first, on what we’ve built — but more importantly, where we hope to travel, and what we wish for the world … 

To Share About the Future: Come to Mighty Networks

Not familiar with this platform?  It resembles Facebook — yet, with substance. Mighty Networks is a site to exchange ideas and inspirations, a site for calling out and gathering responses, a problem-solving laboratory.  And we are building it together. It is Visions2030’s shared space.  

If you haven’t already, we invite you to join! And speak to us!

Most of it will be familiar if you’ve used social networks.  However, we offer a short tour that showcases its features.  From now on, our shared events salons, conversations, and Collective Dreaming workshops will take place on Mighty Networks.  

And we have some new ideas in mind.  For example, mini-think tanks, where we will invite people to dream outside the box and to imagine grandly. 

Your free membership awaits.  You are a necessary part of making the community there a place to come together and "dream-forward."  

And if you are a member, we encourage you to share, well, “mightily!”   

More soon!